Liability Insurance

Liability insurance. It’s a crazy thing, but it could be the difference between a pesky annoyance and losing everything you own. Whether it is you as a person or you as a business owner, liability insurance will protect you from third-party lawsuits.

Liability Insurance for Drivers

As a driver on the road, you are required to have liability insurance. This protects everyone else on the road. If you have a wreck, this guarantees that you have enough coverage to repair damages to their vehicle and to pay for any medical bills they may have.


Liability Insurance for Businesses

As a business, some people see you as a target. If you are a successful business with any sort of presence in the community, you are a target for lawsuits. Whether you are targeted and don’t deserve to be sued or whether you and your business made a mistake and you do deserve to be sued, having liability insurance will protect you from the cost that come from these legal and possibly medical ramifications.


Liability Insurance for Homeowners

People are so sue-trigger happy these days, they even have liability insurance for dog bites. Whether someone trips on your sidewalk and breaks a hip or they injure themselves on your property because you haven’t provided a safe environment for visitors to your property, having liability insurance could protect you from filing for bankruptcy.

I won’t go so far as to say that EVERYONE needs liability insurance, but there is a reason that the government requires that all drivers have it–and that most homeowners and businesses have it.

Google lawsuit trends…it is amazing how high the number has gotten over the years. Take the necessary measures to protect yourself.


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