An Example of Why I Need Insurance

Every day you go through life–maybe you have insurance, maybe you don’t–but as I hear stories from friends, it makes me wonder how you could live without it. Just the other day I heard a story from a friend where he was backing his car out of his in-law’s driveway and he drove his car into a tree.

A branch went through the windshield and did a lot of damage to the body as well. Needless to say, it was a messy situation. Here is a picture from the car.


Without insurance, it was almost $600 alone to replace the back windshield. My friend has yet to even try to get an estimate on body damage–it is bound to be over a thousand though.

Long story short, his neighbor came over while Safelite AutoGlass was replacing his window and said, “Oh man, how much did that set you back? I remember when someone broke out my window I had to call my insurance company and they sent someone out and it cost me $5o.”

Aren’t neighbors the worst?! Way to rub it in…

Just goes to show you, sometimes it pays–or saves–to have have insurance.

I’ll let you know when my friend gets an estimate on the body work for the tree damage, but I’m sure that this will set him back thousands.


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